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The Summary of My First Day in Bangkok

What’s my first impression of Bangkok? Spiritually Beautiful, Friendly Community, and Ridiculously Affordable. After a long trek from Los Angeles to Bangkok, Thailand, I’m talking about nearly twenty hours; I was agitated and irritated. Going through immigration and multiple checkpoints really tested my patience….

India: Transportation & Navigation

India’s transportation system might seem a little hectic once you get there. You will notice random mopeds dodging cars left and right while tuk-tuks (cabs) are squeezing through tight spaces between vehicles. One of the biggest things that became a massive shock for myself…

Things To Do In The City Of Angels

I have been living in LA for nearly four years now and every day I can still find something new to do. This City of Angels is notably one of the most popular cities to visit and live in and there’s a reason why….

What Makes India Unique

India is a unique of it’s own. Here are some key things that makes the beautiful country different from others.

Tips To Make Your Travel Planning Stellar

After venturing off to India and realizing how easy it was to make it happen, questions rosed. When I took the initial steps to plan my trip, with a couple of clicks here and there with some patience, I was able to curate a trip…