Freelance Writer

One of Janet’s top passions is writing. She has been a freelance writer for over five years and loves every minute of it. Besides being the main admin for her own site, she has also been a contributor to major platforms like ThatDrop and Roll Random. Her writing has also assisted her to land gigs in PR related to press releases, blurbs and special announcements. See more details here on her PR experience. Below you will find a summary of her published work.

Past Experience

ThatDrop- Contributing Writer


On a daily basis, write articles related to song/album reviewsmusic festivalsconcerts, and any content kindred to the electronic dance music industry. Contribute ideas, editing, posting/uploading articles, and helping to plan the editorial calendar. Search for the keywords used to achieve excellent SEO in articles published on ThatDROP. Assist on a daily basis with promoting the company’s website to new readers. Study and comprehend introduction of the site under thought and the significance of the present theme. Attend events and music festivals locally and out of state for networking purposes including conduct artist interviews, and representing the company at press meetings. Sample Work Here!

Roll Random- SR. Writer

rollrandom thumbmail
Supervised ‘Roll Random Chronicle’ blog writing/editing articles, assisted by management in updating and proofreading companies content. Wrote on a majority of topics, such as musicconcertsmembers experiences and a variety of more topics related the application and music industry.

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