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Janet’s World is a creative professional with over four years of experience working in the electronic dance industry as a contributor writer, freelance photographer, event & brand promoting, and social media management. Check out her past experience below for details on past relationships.

Janet’s Experience

-Contributor Writer-

Janet is a published writer on reputable platforms like Steereo’s BlogEDM and ThatDrop. Besides music, she is also familiar with ghost writing on lifestyle subjects and travel. You can check out her travel and music articles on Janet’s World Homepage.

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-Event Promoter-

As an electronic music lover, Janet takes pride in being the point of contact for shows and special events held at two reputable clubs in Los Angeles. She has a social media platform that has assisted her to be successful in exceeding results and bringing the crowd to events. Her current affiliations include promoting for festivals with Insomniac Events, the #2 EDM club in the US, Exchange LA and the new hot spot in Hollywood, Academy LA.  Get more details here and check out the upcoming shows!

-Brand Ambassador & Event Coordinator-

Janet has represented companies promoting their brand, coordinating/hosting events across the nation including inviting increased traffic on platforms. Janet was a Brand Ambassador for Roll Random (that is now Soundtribe) for four years.

“Janet is a go-getter who always steps up to the plate and offers to help. We were very fortunate to have Janet as a brand ambassador and a writer for our blog over the course of a few years. She was dependable and a pleasure to work with. I am excited to see where she goes next on both her professional and personal journeys.” – Matt Cohen w/ Roll Random

As an event coordinator, Janet has had success by coordinating small events’ that represents a brand. Her most recent accomplishment includes Steereo Sessions Live that took place at the Hotel Roosevelt in Hollywood, CA. With over 200 guests who attended, she was the lead in operations by booking artists, promoting, artist liaison, media, and much more.


-Social Media Management-

Janet likes to pull strings from her creative side and use it for social media. More than ever this tool has been on the rise the past couple of years to assist businesses, brands, or artists to grow. Janet understands many times artists or brands don’t have the time to do social media to build their empire. Therefore, she offers basic social media management to allow you to devote your energy on your creative or business needs.


She has experience with managing social calendars, developing creative content for posts, manage campaigns, and much more. She likes to review the brands or artists’ need and voice before implementing a marketing strategy depending on what the goal is. You can view her current work on the following sites with Steereo: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter.


Jmageshootings is the photography brand of Janet’s World. Janet has experience photographing music festivals, travel, and portraits. Check out her photography portfolio below.


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If you have questions or would like to hire Janet for any of services mentioned above, please fill out the form below. We will respond as soon as possible! Thank you.


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