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For the music dance lovers, this part of the website will be your favorite. Articles all written by Janet , JW shares some of her published work. JW is a contributing writer for ThatDROP in the Electronic Dance industry, and without a doubt, this is a favored topic in Janet’s World.

10 Reasons How Lightning in a Bottle Fuels Our Souls

“The hype of Lightning in a Bottle (LIB)  from ticket holders started way before the lineup was even announced. After having discussions with numerous people who went, it was undoubtedly that after the experience we had, we turned out more inspired and determined to go up against anything that comes before us.

This year was my first time attending the famous music festival that began as a birthday party over a decade ago. I heard rumors about this fest bringing so much euphoria and one of a kind experience to numerous attendees…” Read More.

LIB 2017, Photo by Michael Roush

Enter Into a Digitized World with Well Connected by Downlowd

Downlowd, an artist driven by telling a story with his music, recently came out of hiatus with his release, Well Connected. The computer-head producer implements a wild adventure from the moment you start listening.

The track is a mere introduction into Downlowds’ world as he rises into a more digitized atmosphere…” Read More.

22635134_10212576215013769_1403345805_n (1)
Song Cover Photo via Downlowd Facebook

Listen to ‘Well Connected’ and download for free here:

Odesza’s New Album ‘A Moment Apart’ Breaks Expectations

“The biggest anticipation of waiting for a release has never been more noteworthy until recently. Odesza‘s new collection, ‘A Moment Apart’, finally has been released and boy, the long wait was well worth it.

‘A Moment Apart’ album is made up of different musical combinations of pure and crisp richness…” Read More.

21370833_1603269226371514_4380315794256539385_n (1)
Odesza Album Cover via Facebook

Get In Tune With Fall With Durante’s Deep House Release “Split Wick”

“Throughout the summer, the tropical and future house beats took over the scene. They were the perfect kind of tracks to continue the beach vibes in the summery winds. Now, that fall has arrived, recent releases are in tune with the season.

LA-based artist Durante released ”Split Wick,” a deep house melody that is warmer than the sunshine rays in fall.

‘Split Wick’ stays in between 100bpm-130bpm from the initial as softer piano chords blend smoothly.  Durante continues to keep the melody in a monotonous mode. However, he merges the build-up throughout the entire track. The muted bass lines rise continuously as synths harmonies show up out of the blue towards the ending…” Read More.

Find Yourself Where the Jungle Meets Beach for Envision

“Imagine yourself on an island where you can literally smell the waves as they crash while your feet dig deep into the sand as you dance along to wondrous tunes with tropical birds chirping along. Bring that daydream into beautiful reality at Envision 2018 this February 22nd-25th.

Photo via Envision’s Facebook

The music festival is dedicated to highlight and bring to light the potential of every human being…” Read More.

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