Exclusive Interview with the Unruly and Admired Netherlands DJ, Dyro- (ThatDrop)

Dyro, Dutch house artist is classified as one of the most talented DJs in the industry. From bedroom DJ to worldwide touring artist, Dyro builds his name reflecting as a successful individual. Since one of his first releases Daftastic on Hardwell‘s Revealed Recordings, his musical journey has been in a steady upward direction.

The busy musician is consistently booked performing at big-name clubs like Space in Ibiza, and also, at music festivals including EDC Las Vegas. With such an admirable success, the artist is ranked as one of the Top DJs on DJ Mag. We were intrigued with Dyros’ accomplishments, and eager to talk to him a little bit more about his musical career.

Check out our exclusive interview with Dyro.


You were ranked twice back to back as the 27th DJ on DJ Mag Top 100, can you tell us a little bit how that makes you feel?

Landing in the Top 100 DJs poll really changed the whole prospect of my career early-on. At the time, I was the youngest ever, highest new entry and it completely gave me a new level exposure I’d never had before. It obviously felt great and was a big milestone that I appreciated so much, it really shows how behind you the fans are which as a young guy starting out, meant the world to me.

Have you always been interested in making music? What has led you here where you’re standing now?

Yes, I’m a very creative guy. Because I’m Dutch I grew up around all the different styles of big-room and trance that has now developed into the EDM boom – I sort of rode that wave in the beginning of my career. I was just inspired by the sounds I was exposed to. Hard work has for sure led me to where I am right now, I used to practice and practice making beats in my bedroom, spending hours learning techniques – I’m 100% self-taught and in the beginning, I always thought of myself as more of a producer than a DJ, but I think that was a case of getting familiar and comfortable with the next steps and how my career could evolve.

You’re also the owner of WOLV Record Label. What made you decide to create WOLV?


I wanted to build a crew of like-minded producers to release some of the harder and more unique sounds that were out there. Some guys I’ve met at events like DanceFair in the Netherlands, where unknown guys have just submitted demos to me and I’ve signed them there and then on the spot, other – like Loopers for instance – are buddies of mine that I just think are totally dope and I wanna be working with. There are no rules with WOLV, and that is the exciting thing.

What do you envision for WOLV Record Label and everyone involved in it?

For us to be unruly and step outside the box by doing what we love.

I noticed you have a variety of sounds in your tracks. From electro to bass. When producing, what inspires your choice in the theme of a track you want to develop?

It really depends, sometimes I just want that bass to feel like a punch in the face, other times, I want listeners to ride out the more electro sounds overall. I’ve always followed my gut and the fans have stuck by me in that so I know I have the freedom to not experiment, but listen to my instincts.

What kind of mistakes have you seen DJs make when trying to make it in the industry?

Pandering to other artist, or labels and managers, thoughts and demands. Stay true to yourself, if you’re original and pushing yourself the hardest you can, you can have faith that you’ve taken the steps you need for you, artistically.

What kind of tactics do you use to prepare yourself for a successful show?

I wouldn’t use the word ‘tactics’ but I always make sure I have some hot edits and have an idea of some key tracks I wanna drop – that and just getting pumped, making sure I’m in the right frame of mind to give the audience what they want.

Listen to Dyro’s Daftastic Radio to get feel on how he mixes it up:

What should your fans look forward to this year from you?

New releases! A lot of them – my new collab with GTA and a huge solo one I’ve been sitting on for a while now are both coming very soon.

Any final words for our readers?

See you this weekend and don’t forget to cop ‘Talkin Bout’, my new collab with GTA January 29th!

Dyro without a question is a passionate artist thriving in the industry. Last year reflected a lot of his solid work, and this year will be an even greater uprising. He hasn’t let anyone down with everything he has crafted last year. So as he pointed out, stay tune for new releases, and including the collaboration with GTA coming out soon!

Listen to bonus track Good Feelin by Dyro:

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CRSSD Fest Spring 2018 Leaves Us with a Glow- (ThatDrop)

The semi-yearly CRSSD Fest made its stupendous reappearance in San Diego for its 2018 spring edition. The musical paradise proves once more it’s exclusivity to highlighting the talent that stays hidden within the shadows and bringing forward those who are familiar to our ears. Besides carrying its reputation for the prime location between city hall and San Diego’s ocean waterfront, CRSSD Fest 2018 resulted as a top favored event for house and techno aficionados.

With more than 35 + artists scheduled to perform, we feature some of our favorite moments and performances that occurred throughout the entire weekend.

Photo Credit: Felicia Garcia

Day one kicked off successfully with an army of dancing souls overwhelming the courtyard of San Diego’s waterfront. You could feel everyone’s’ excitement from the start of the festival as for many it was their first time and others it was a local tradition.

The Palms Stage was decorated with natures finest leaves and trees setting a beach vibe atmosphere. Sets like Nora En Pure who welcomed the San Diego’s sunset and Honey Dijon made for a sublime space. Others who packed the Palm Stage include UK DJ Wiess, house producer MK and a closing set of Shiba San.

Listen to Shiba San’s remix of Chris Malinchak ‘So Good To Me’:

The darker underground vibes took over City Steps with techno performances that included Patrice BaumelCharlotte De Witte, and Cirez D (Eric Prydz’s alter-ego). If you wanted something more melodic yet energizing, you could walk on over to the Ocean View Stage.

GryffinLittle Dragon, and guitar smashing Empire Of The Sun, all had live performances with a stupefying production.

Photo Credit: Miranda McDonald
Photo Credit: Miranda McDonald
Photo Credit: Skylar Greene

Day One ended at midnight, yet the party continued into the nightfall. CRSSD hosted official Afterdark parties at numerous of locations like Bang Bang, Music Box, Spin and El Camino nightclubs in San Diego. Acts like Wax Motif, ArdalanTigaMark KnightCirez DCristoph, and Lee Burridge were all apart of the sold-out spectacles.

Listen to bonus track Feel by Cristoph:

Day two of CRSSD Fest approached quickly and with colder winds. Despite the fact that the sun never made its appearance and many had to layer up, the Sunday lineup assisted in cranking the heat.

The Ocean View stage had a variety of performances that kept the crowd coming. From the tropical house beats of SNBRNto instrumental heavenly melodies of Bonobo to transferring you into a dreamy state with Jai Wolf, Ocean View Stage delivered.

Listen to bonus track No Reason by Bonobo:

The techno underground vibes carried on at City Steps with Alan FitzpatrickAnnaNicole Maoudaber and an extended two-hour closing set of Sasha. Lastly, the Palm Stage was super fun in light of the DJs who influenced it. From Trippy Turtledressing in onesie outfits to the energetic set by This Ain’t Bristol founder, Billy Kenny and Dirtybird duo Walker & Royce. There wasn’t a moment in time at the Palm Stage that anyone stood still.

Photo Credit: Miranda McDonald
Photo Credit: Felicia Garcia
Photo Credit: Skyler Greene

Let’s not leave out all the music enthusiasts who pretty much made CRSSD Fest for what it is. This year seemed to really bring out many peoples’ inner child by dressing up in costumes or wearing their favorite label clothing to representing the ‘House & Techno’ family jackets. Even though it stayed overcast on both days, it seemed to remain bright and cheerful with everyone’s’ vibrant energy. From splashing their feet in the water fountain to sharing laughs and hugs, there was never a dull moment.

Once again, CRSSD Fest proved the best kind of family is the one and only House and Techno clan.

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Step Into Lane 8’s Deep House Storytelling Album, Little by Little- (ThatDrop)

In the recent years, Anjunadeep artist Lane 8 has been thriving on a successful and notable musical journey. The deep house artist takes steps in releasing pleasant singles like FingerprintMidnight, a remix of Innerbloom by Rufus Du Sol and albums, including Rise, and now his storytelling album, Little By Little.  

Little By Little characterizes a visionary story, track by track reflecting thorough craftsmanship and patience.

Little By Little Album Cover by Lane 8

The 10-track collection infuses Lane 8’s particular elegant production that are both mystical and sophisticated intertwining instrumental club elements, pop-infused patterns, and meditative electronic. Mastering the storytelling album, Little By Little results the familiar artistry of Lane 8 that keeps fans coming back.

He exhibits variety featuring vocals by J.F JulyFractures, and Polica’s Channy Leaneagh in the midst of upholding his sound we all dearly love.

Photo Credit via Lane 8

I think that writing and releasing my first album, Rise, so early in the Lane 8 project was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. But at the time, it felt like albums were really on the out. A lot of people within the dance music industry said albums were a waste of time and effort – nobody listened to them anymore. Especially not from relatively new, low profile artists! Most artists within dance music were releasing single after single every few months – and having a lot of success with that formula.

Maybe it’s because I grew up on albums, but I’ve always felt that a good album tells a story and creates an experience that is impossible to replicate with a run of single tracks alone – no matter how good they are. When I listened to my favorite albums as a kid, one of the things I loved the most was entering the artist’s world – even if just for an hour, it felt like I was being taken on a unique journey that could really be savored, a journey only that artist could take me on…” -Lane 8

On top of the perception he conveys, Lane 8 also has a reputation for holding close to him the no-phones and no-filming event concept: This Never Happened. Delivering that approach, he has now embarked an extensive global tour taking in North America, Europe, and Australia.

Photo Credit Via Facebook 

Words by Lane 8 on This Never Happened Concept:

Somewhere along the way, we as a society have lost the ability to experience those special moments. On the rare occasion that they do happen, we scramble to grab our phones in the time to capture them- but those moments cannot be truly captured-and they don’t need to be broadcasted or recorded. Sometimes, the best thing we can do is fully appreciate what is happening in that room, at that moment, with those people around us…

Listen to Lane 8’s album Little by Little below:

Tour Dates Below & Ticket Link Here:

  • January 25th – Ironwood Hall, Austin, TX
  • January 26th – Stereo Live Houston, Houston, TX
  • January 27th – Stereo Live Dallas, Dallas, TX
  • February 1st – Concord Music Hall, Chicago, IL
  • February 2nd – Majestic Theatre, Madison, WI
  • February 3rd – El Club, Detroit, MI
  • February 8th – The Loft at Skyway Theatre, Minneapolis, MN
  • February 9th – Space, Miami, FL
  • February 10th – Gilt, Orlando, FL
  • February 16th – Republic New Orleans, New Orleans, LA
  • February 17th – The Ritz Ybor, Tampa, FL
  • February 22nd – 9:30 Club, Washington, DC
  • February 23rd – Union Transfer, Philadelphia, PA
  • February 24th – Brooklyn Steel, Brooklyn, NY
  • February 25th – The Sinclair, Cambridge, MA
  • March 2nd – Corona Theatre, Montreal, QC
  • March 3rd – Danforth Music Hall, Toronto, ON
  • March 8th – Terminal West, Atlanta, GA
  • March 9th – The Van Buren, Phoenix, AZ
  • March 10th – The Novo, Los Angeles, CA
  • March 14th – WOW Hall, Eugene, OR
  • March 15th – VENUE, Vancouver, BC
  • March 16th – Holocene, Portland, OR
  • March 17th – The Showbox, Seattle, WA
  • March 23rd – Ogden Theatre, Denver, CO
  • March 24th – Warfield Theatre, San Francisco, CA
  • March 25th – Ace of Spades, Sacramento, CA
  • April 20th – Sugar, Adelaide, AUS
  • April 21st – Max Watts, Sydney, AUS
  • April 24th – Prince Bandroom, Melbourne, AUS
  • April 25th – Capulet, Brisbane, AUS
  • May 3rd – Phonox, London, UK
  • May 4th – Versions, Manchester, UK
  • May 5th – Concorde 2, Brighton, UK
  • May 6th – Voodoo, Belfast, UK

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Embrace the Sunshine State of Mind at CRSSD Fest [Playlist]- (ThatDrop)

With less than two weeks away, the semi-annual safe haven CRSSD Fest is almost here. The 7th edition returns to the impeccable location between city hall and San Diego’s ocean shore. Since CRSSD Fest never neglects to convey a divine experience, fans were already purchasing tickets and planning the weekend getaway before the music lineup was even announced. However, once it was released consisting established and emerging acts in the dance community, sure enough, it didn’t disappoint.

Feast your eyes on this Spring’s CRSSD Festival lineup.

CRSSD Fest Spring ’18 Lineup

Being one of the most exciting times for techno and house enthusiasts, we created a playlist while you prepare for the weekend escape.



The Next Chapter is Finally Here with Enter The Maze by Downlowd-(ThatDrop)

The computer head producer Downlowd is still on his trek dropping tracks that are pleasant to the ears. After featuring his first chapter debut Well Connected, Downlowd started the domino effect of delivering more storytelling music. Picking up where he left off, Unplugged was released soon before remixing a bonus track XL by Fly By Midnight.

Without a break in his developing career, Downlowd premieres a creative electro- bass house single, Enter The Maze.

Photo Credit: Downlowd

He implements a singular sound like no other introducing an animated and computerized world acknowledging his broad talent. The dramatic basslines actualize darker house tones in the deliverance of a suspenseful journey.

Enter The Maze is the third single as the next chapter coinciding his characters’ story in the Downlowd project.

Downlowd’s story behind Enter The Maze:

‘Enter the Maze’ continues our protagonist’s story directly after the events of ‘Unplugged’- with the help of what seems to be a new ally. Downlowd must now come to terms with his new reality as a computerhead and escape the treacherously vast Genesis facility. Unfortunately, the only way out is through the tech labyrinth… A cybernetic jungle, riddled with genetically modified guards, robots, and hologhosts. To escape and find his way home, Downlowd must ‘ENTER THE MAZE’.

Photo Credit: Downlowd via Facebook

As part of the climactic story, Enter The Maze is the official third single embodying Downlowds’ new EP Origin set to be released late March. As the domino effect continues with back to back releases, he will be opening up for Feed Me aExchange LA in California on February 23rd.

Listen and download for free Enter The Maze by Downlowd: 

Listen to bonus track Unplugged by Downlowd:

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Lucidity 2018: Rising Dawn, Awaken the New Story-(thatDROP)

“Imagine immersing yourself in a community that assists in transforming individual’s lives by experience. For the past six years, the transformational music festival Lucidity has done exactly that for our society. Lucidity 2018: Rising Dawn returns to Live Oak Campground in Santa Barbara, CA on April 6th-8th.

Lucidity continues to create a collective and personal story for global transformation.

Read More

The Glitch Mob Conquer Success Behind Creativity and Music Production- (EDM)

After a successful performance at Shambhala Music Festival, The Glitch Mob proves again why they are the most talked about bass trio.

The American trio Glitch Mob displays their obvious uniqueness by only playing live sets which highlights some of the most advanced tech of production. Starting off in Los Angeles, performing in the city and in San Francisco, their creative skills and production led them to perform all over the West Coast and now internationally.

Famed in the bass scene, The Glitch Mob recently performed in Canada at Shambhala Music Festival which is held at the Salmo River Ranch. We had a chance to speak to the trio right before they jumped on decks providing us an otherworldly set. The trio gives us an insight into what’s behind their creative process, their most recent releases, and the relationship between each other.

CC: The Glitch Mob

First off, where does the name The Glitch Mob come from?

It was one of those things that just happened and we ran with it.

Initially you started off with four members including Kraddy who is no longer part of the group, but how did you guys meet to form The Glitch Mob?

We were all DJing individually and became friends through life. We had an idea to experiment performing together instead of alone and we loved it.

Could you tell us what the creative process is like between the three of you when making a new track? Who brings what to the table?

The fun part is that it’s always changing. Since we’re all producers first and foremost and not particular instrumentalists, we’ll all do different things. We always start with a vibe, story or a sensation, and work from there. The message of the song is the most important part and the best stuff happens when we get out of the way and let the music do its’ thing.

Since 2006, the electronic music scene has evolved in many ways and it’s common to see artists adapt to new trends. Do you feel that you’ve been impulsed to do the same? If not, how have you been able to remain authentic in your creative process?

Our goal is to write music that stands the test of time. We tell our story as authentic to ourselves as we can. The best stuff happens when we get ourselves out of the way and let the music flow. We never intended to fit into a scene or genre, nor do we have anything against that. The idea is really to tell a story.


In the beginning, you were DJs performing with laptops. What encouraged you to transition into more of a live act?

After we started writing our own music we wanted to find a way to perform it. We still DJ a lot and love it, but the live performance thing is at the core of who we are. There’s nothing like it.

You’ve recently just embarked on a tour with your brand new stage design: The Blade 2.0. How is this design different from the first version of the Blade Stage?

It’s our live customized stage instrument. The 2.0 version has an updated look, feel, and performance system.

Your album ‘Love Death Immortality’ had an amazing run and achieved the #1 spot on the Billboard Independent Albums Chart in 2014. What do you envision for this new album in the coming months?

It’s always a nice nod when our albums chart, but that’s not really the goal for us. That means that people are listening to the music, and for that we’re grateful. We’ve noticed that it takes a little while for people to get used to the music, to incorporate it into their lives. We’re looking forward to playing it on this upcoming leg of the tour now that people have had some time to sit with it.

What inspirations led you to create ‘See Without Eyes?’

The powerful thing about music is that it says things that words can’t. We’re always hearing new things in the music and it changes for us when people tell us what they hear. We try to tell a full story with the albums: to echo life. The full range of experience—love, triumph, spirituality, compassion.

Have you found it difficult to maintain a healthy relationship between the three of you- business and friendship wise after so many years of working together? 

The way we keep everything on track is the fact that we have a shared vision. Music is larger than us and connects us all. It’s not even about us, necessarily. It’s about this connective tissue.

From your experience, what is the best piece of advice you can give to other producers/DJs reading this?

Somewhere between discipline and inspiration is the sweet spot of creative flow. Spend as much time there as you can.

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CloZee Debuts Enthralling Music Video and Album “Evasion”

After releasing five EP’s and countless singles CloZee is ready to share to the world her debut full-length album, Evasion via Gravitas Recordings and Midnight Escape Records. To announce the forthcoming LP (dropping October 5th), CloZee publishes the title-track and an enticing music video.

The French producer is making a name for herself with her distinct style of World Bass music.

Many of CloZee’s songs incorporate her classical guitar roots and worldwide cultural influences. “Evasion” showcases this unheard of style. The subtle bass in the track compliments the buoyant melodies and intensifies the song’s vibrations. With melodic plucks and dream-inducing harmonies, CloZee sets a scenic and magical place for her listeners to evade reality.

Directed by Cedric Gleyal, the music video takes place close to where CloZee was raised in Southern France. The video opens with two childhood friends that seemingly lose touch later on in life. The enthralling video then reveals the pair reconnecting years later in an alternate reality. The dancers Gil The Grid & Wesley Vāyu showcase their unspoken bond with intricate movements.

“Evasion” reveals visual emotions without saying a word. 

CloZee via Facebook

CloZee dove into the music scene with her Dubious EP back in 2012. Her eclectic style continuously transformed in future records. Quickly seizing attention from renowned festivals, CloZee began performing at Shambhala, Lightning in A Bottle, Oregon Eclipse, and most recently Electric Forest. The female composer attracts audiences from across the globe with her groove-oriented bass music and organic instrumentation.

Don’t miss this extraordinary talent as she supports her Evasion LP on her worldwide tour this Fall. Preorder Evasion here and purchase passes here.

CloZee via Facebook

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Things To Do In The Beautiful City of Vancouver

If you are ever looking to open your front door to the beach and your backdoor to the forest, Vancouver is the place for you. I visited Vancouver, Canada for a week and that wasn’t enough time to explore the entire city. Despite all the nature the city embodies with the beach only meters away, the locals have a southern charm. I had a chance to bike along the English Bay, hike up Grouse Mountain, dance to some good music on a weekday, and much more. After an adventurous week there, I know this won’t be last my time seeing Vancouver. If you are looking to explore the city and want to know what to do from someone who experienced it themselves, read on.

Bike in Stanley Park

In the west end of Downtown Vancouver, there are countless bike rental places to choose from. I rented one for $8 an hour and biked down one particular road straight into Stanley Park. The park is big enough to spend your entire day there; however, I biked in it for an hour and a half. You will find various bike paths and stumble upon animals like raccoons and ducks roaming around. The park seemed more like a forest with its towering trees and different hiking paths. The best part is that the beach was a minute away while on the other side, the city stood.

Take a stroll in Granville Island

I took a bus ride to the shoreline of Vancouver where the ferry would take you to Granville Island. A roundtrip ferry ticket cost only $5, and you could spend most of the day there. The island is small enough to walk around without needing a cab or a bike. It had an industrious artsy vibe to it while also, carrying a family friendly atmosphere. I had the opportunity to walk around after most of the stores closed, but I encountered random art structures. It features a brewery, art galleries, shops, theater, and a hotel.

Hike up the Grouse Mountain

If you are looking to get away from the city and mold yourself in nature, go to Grouse Mountain. Now, if you are like most travelers who don’t have a car when visiting, you can take advantage of their free shuttle service. Located in Canada Place, I was content with the service. Not only because it didn’t cost a dime, but because this was a great way to get to know Vancouver’s history and other activities since the driver educated the riders. Once you are there, you aren’t required to hike up the mountain, since they have a tram to carry you to the top. If you know a local, get their ‘local’ badge for the attraction. Many of them have it which allows you to take advantage of their activities for free or half price. At Grouse Mountain, you could see real live bears, watch some outdoor shows, zip line, or just enjoy the views.

Things To DO (1).png

Go canoeing in North Vancouver

Located in the northern part of Vancouver is Deep Cove Kayak Centre. Here you can canoe or kayak on the waters and have a miraculous view of Downtown Vancouver. Besides driving a car, you can easily take the bus to drop you off with a few minutes of walking. You can rent it per hour or for the entire day. If you decide to make it a short trip, don’t hesitate to explore the area and try out new restaurants.

Go have a drink in Gastown

One of my favorite places I would have to say is visiting the Cambie Bar Pub in Gastown. The prices of food and drinks are affordable, plus other travelers surround you. They have games, patio, and live music to enjoy while drinking a brewski. Gastown is known for its indie art galleries, souvenir shops, and Victorian buildings. It had a historical element that could easily be featured in a classic film.

Go for a swim on the beaches

The best part of Vancouver is that the beaches are easily attainable no matter what part of the city you stayed in. There is Kitsilano, Third, Wreck, Jericho, Second, and much more. Each beach has its own vibe, and you can experience it by biking along the coastline in one day. If you are looking to loosen up a little bit more while laying out, check out Wreck Beach. Clothes are optional aka a nude beach. However, note, you won’t be out of place if you decide to keep your swimming suit on.

The activities mentioned above are from personal experience when I visited. Note, there is so much more to do in the beautiful city. Check out more things you can partake in here.

MK Heats Up the Fall Season With A House Collab “Back and Forth”, Feat. Jonas Blue & Becky Hill!

MK (Marc Kinchen) continues the summer vibrations well into fall with his new dancy soulful collab “Back and Forth”. The renowned house producer joins forces with UK’s platinum-selling artist Jonas Blue, and powerhouse vocalist/songwriter Becky Hill for the distinct collaboration released via Ultra Music and Area 10.

Each Collaborator Adds Their Own Musical Energy, Creating A Rousing Soulful House Track.

In “Back and Forth”, Hill reveals an endless mind game from a partner that continues to manipulate love. The singer-songwriter pleads that the partner only pulls her back once she starts to “slip away”. A story of recurring disception, Hill begs the question: “What we do this for?”

“Back and Forth” bridges the gap between house and soul. Becky’s stirring singing chops are interlaced with pulsing drums that continue the song’s momentum. Jonas Blue adds a pop flare to the single with vocal chants and infectious pop arrangements. Harmoniously, MK incorporates his iconic vocal loops and lively piano melodies to create one solid track that explodes with energy.

Accompanying the release, MK’s drops a revamped dub version. In the track, the Detroit based artist teases listeners with a prolonged breakdown of a capella. He then leads us into dreamy synths that continuously build into a bumping tech house beat.

“Back and Forth” Will Circuit Nationwide for MK’s Upcoming Tour.

In an interview with Digital Journal, MK notes: “I envision playing the song in a live set when creating the song.” MK gives you a chance to hear the new single live during his upcoming fall tour with CamelPhat. “The Big Fallback Tour” will kick off in Boston on October 25, 2018 and continue across the nation. Special guest, Will Clarke will accompany the tour on select dates. Grab your tickets here: http://thebigfallback2018.com.

The Big Fallback 2018 Tour Dates:

10/25 Boston, MA The Grand
10/26 San Francisco, CA The Midway
11/2 Chicago, IL The Concord
11/3 Miami, FL Club Space
11/7 Orlando, FL Celine
11/8 Columbus, OH Trism
11/9 Detroit, MI Elektricity
11/10 Brooklyn, NY LIGHT & LIFE – 99 Scott

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India: Transportation & Navigation

India’s transportation system might seem a little hectic once you get there. You will notice random mopeds dodging cars left and right while tuk-tuks (cabs) are squeezing through tight spaces between vehicles. One of the biggest things that became a massive shock for myself when I arrived was how big and spread-out the country is. I was taken back, and my concerns about getting to places and cities to cities did rise. Thankfully, I made mistakes and learned how to navigate.

thumbnail_Transportation NavigationAdvices


Rideshare Services

Coming from Los Angeles, I am accustomed to using Lyft or Uber to get to my destinations. I was afraid that I was going to spend a fortune on cabs, but thankfully, India has an app called Ola that works precisely like ride-sharing services app. The only important thing is that it must be registered under an India Phone Number. Either way, I would suggest in getting a sim card for your telephone needs while spending time there.

There are different levels of cabs you can order on the app. My favorite one that I loved using was the Tuk Tuk version. It was the cheapest, and also, it allowed me to dive into the culture. It’s the type of cab that doesn’t have doors or AC. It’s usually scorching in India, so I didn’t mind it. If that’s not your kind of way of transport, then luckily, they have options to order conventional vehicles up to an SUV. Lastly, the best part is that versus with USA ridesharing apps; you must always pay with a card- with Ola, you can pay with cash at the end of your ride.

man riding motorcycle near white car
Photo by Humphrey Muleba on Pexels.com


Here is the sad news I have to tell you about booking trains in India: it’s hard. But, no worries! I got you. Passengers book advance and most of the time waitlisted. My biggest tip for you is to book in advance. I made the mistake of not doing that, and I was stuck twice having to do either sleeper class or taking a bus. With gratitude, I didn’t mind it at all. But, it would have made my trip easier if I had a better class than the sleeper edition or faster route to my location versus bus.

The following are options for booking a train:

  • IRCTC IN Govt. Sitehttps://www.irctc.co.in/nget/train-search
    • This option is the most difficult to book. It most often doesn’t allow foreign cards to purchase. It’s not user-friendly since you have to know your train number in advance to book and it’s usually slow. I provide this option for those who feel capable of going this route. Thus, every traveler I’ve talked to state, stay away from this site.
architecture buildings business city
Photo by Burst on Pexels.com
  • Cleartrip
    • This option is smooth and easy. Could be confusing in the beginning but once you complete the registration process, it will be seamless. You must register with days’ in advance to book a ticket. You are required to input your Indian Mobile # and have to wait for your account to be approved. You will be sent a couple of verification emails to verify your account including a one-time password.
      • My experience-I waited three days before leaving for India to register an account. Once I registered, I had to wait at least three days. I made sure I didn’t need to take a train during my wait time. Just because you register, it doesn’t mean you will get an immediate response and approval. I never got an approve or reject email from them to purchase a ticket. I was stuck having to get my hosts’ book my tickets for me. (Don’t let this happen to you). BOOK IN ADVANCE.
    • Avoid my experience mentioned above- prepare your trip days in advance. Once you have your account registered, make sure to download the app so you can book through your cell phone.


I took the bus once from Jaipur back to New Delhi when it was time to come back home. There are local buses that assist with transportation from your pick-up to drop-off location. However, those are the ones you want to avoid. The times that I would see the local buses, they were always overpacked and mostly looked out of date or too unsafe to be in. Luckily, I was assisted by the residents to find the right buses to take me where I needed. Note, taking the bus, will prolong your trip. So, this option is recommended if you don’t mind the long drive.

This website is user-friendly and made it easy to book a seat on a bus with comfortability and AC. Just like the trains, there are various classes to choose from. If you are looking for something comfortable to travel in especially if your trip is long, choose along the lines of an AC Seater / AC Sleeper. Secondly, which is more important, always go for the option that says Volvo. This advice is not only from experience but also, the same information I received from locals. The Volvo bus brands are usually clean and have AC… I can guarantee, you won’t be complaining about going this route.

ganga aarti varanasi benaras prayer india
Photo by Prabhala Raghuvir on Pexels.com

From my experience, it’s not going to be easy, but it will be worth it. The only reason why it could be challenging and frustrating to understand when you are trying to get somewhere is unfamiliarity. It’s utterly understandable that there will be times where you might feel hopeless when needing to book a train and there are none available to you.

One piece of advice I would have to pass along: be patient and don’t be afraid to ask. Remind yourself that you are in an unfamiliar place and the best tour guides are the locals. Don’t rush into things because it would be even more inconvenient if you end up in the wrong place and at the wrong time. Once you fill yourself with a lot of information after doing research, you can be at ease, that once you get there, you will at least be somewhat familiar with their transportation system.

German Producer Seth Schwarz Rattles the House Scene With New EP, ‘Eden’!

Based in Germany, Seth Schwarz rejuvenates the house genre with his own melodic and classical spin. The German producer, composer, and instrumentalist released his latest six-song collection entitled ‘Eden’ through 3000 Grad Records.

Schwarz Takes Listeners On a Mystic Journey with ‘Eden’.

Be Svendsen join forces to create a powerful opener for the EP called, “Elves of Karoo”. A 10-minute long song that quickly builds with techno tropical swishes and quirky grooves that lead into a jazzy violin break, and hits right in the middle of the track.

In the second listing “Quando Rando”, a slight Latin influence takes ahold of this techno and deep house track. Slightly slower, yet full of rhythm, the single reveals Schwarz composition skills as you hear more and more layers added into the music. The remaining songs are remixes by Einmusik, Gabriel Ananda,Mollono.Bass, and Rey & Kjavik. Each remix delivers a refreshing take of Schwarz’s original songs.

Seth’s hypnotic grooves and melodic flares will have listeners lost in a deep trance.


Schwarz is known to incorporate elements of house, techno, and electronica, while improvising with his violin for an emotional imprint. Schwarz has performed internationally in Europe, Japan, North, Central & South America and Africa. He has also played at renowned music festivals among Burning Man, Amsterdam Dance Event, The BPM Festival, Fusion Festival, and Afrika Burn.

Creativity and free spirit breathes deeply within ‘Eden.’ Seth’s original compositions and signature blend of euphoric house music will undoubtedly keep him ahead of his time.

Follow Seth Schwarz: 

Marking the Halfway Point of Summer, Soulstice Delivers a Radiating Experience!

With two months left of summer, Soulstice leaves an impressionable mark on the season. Taking place at The Midway in San Francisco, the festival consisted of three stages equipped with stacked line-ups and glowing production sets.

Future bass influencers Manila Killa and ARMNHMR headlined the third annual event. The music gathering also saw hard-hitting performances by G-house master Wax Motif, trap and melodic bass craftsman Luca Lush, NightBass tastemakers Jack Beats, and more!

Each Stage Was Set with A Scenic Layout That Enhanced The Music.

Soulstice lineup

Soulstice featured a variety of current genres and rising talent at each of the three stages. The Sunset Stage was obviously placed outside and featured a backdrop of a giant hand that detailed Astro-palmistry, revealing the connection between planetary positions within the palm lines. The stage was dressed gorgeously with an arrangement of flowers, and featured a mix of future bass and house artists.

The Select Entertainment Stage (Friday)/Space Yacht Stage (Saturday) was placed indoors with a vivid square shaped LED platform where the bassy house producers performed. If the mind-bending visuals weren’t enough to lose you in a trance, Emazing Lights’ gloving members were brought out for the event to perform hypnotic light shows.

The Soulstice Stage included geometric shaped LED panels that projected visuals in a three dimensional aspect. This indoor stage was featured in the main room, and welcomed a mix of headlining future bass and trap artists. As you ventured between stages there were glowing art installations that radiated along the halls throughout your journey.

Hungryboy at Sunset Stage, Photo by Frannypack

Soulstice Introduced Expanding Producers that will be on 2019’s Watch-List.

Kicking off the festival, SoCal based producer Kogeema opened the Sunset Stage and brought the grimy UK basslines and futuristic house beats to the speakers. Shortly after, beat stylist Hungryboy mixed it up with flawless transitions between techno, deep, and bassy house, and even dropped an appropriate remix to “San Francisco” by Scott McKenzie. The famished producer also began to follow a theme of food related tracks for his mix such as DJ E-Clyps’ tech house song ‘Pancakes’, which lit up smiles across the dance floor. Other artists that hit the Sunset Stage for the weekend were M3RC, Jackal, BENZI, to name a few. Gaining attention from AC Slater and the renowned music blog Earmilk, M3RC dropped a heavy NightBass influenced set that heated up the outside stage.

The Select Ent & Space Yacht Stage for Friday and Saturday night saw energy-filled sets by Maximono, Phlegmatic Dogs, London Bridge, Dom Dolla, Bijou, Wax Motif and more. Maximono played a killer tech-house set that undoubtedly left the crowd speechless; dropping hits like “Semi-Automatech” by Distinkt. Hailing from Australia, Dom Dolla has earned support from Pete Tong and Tchami. Safe to say, he did not come shy to the decks for his Soulstice set. He mixed in a slew of tracks from AfroJack’s remix to “Cool” by Spencer & Hill all the way to CamelPhat’s hit track, “Cola”. Wax Motif closed the house stage Saturday night with a bassy and wobbley mix that left the crowd jamming until the last second. He played unexpected crowd favorites as well as, tracks from his latest Forsaken EP.

After selling out shows in LA at the El Rey Theater, Manila Killa and Robataki took their success to San Fran and headlined the main stage for Soulstice. ARMNHMRLuca Lush, Luude, and Yetep graced the Soulstice Stage as well, and brought the heavy feels for the weekend. Manila Killa had zooming galactic visuals and dropped tracks by Big Wild, Jai Wolf, and Odesza. Smiles were infectious throughout the room and left goose bumps on many. Luca Lush diversified his mix as he built the crowd up with melodic feels and released them into trappy drops; mixing up emotions in the best way possible.

Soulstice Sent Eardrums to Cloud 9.

Manila Killa
Manilla Killa at Soulstice Stage, Photo by Steven Truong 
Dom DollaDom Dolla at Space Yacht Stage, Photo by Frannypack

Launching in Summer 2016, Soulstice flourishes yet again for its third annual event. Presented by White Rabbit Group and Vital Events, the founders continue to bring top quality event production and sensational artist selections. Years prior, they have showcased What So Not, AC Slater, Christian Martin, Mr. Carmack, and many more.

There is something special about the environment and vibe that Vital Events and White Rabbit Group creates. There is this intimacy that connects you with the other festival goers in the room. There’s also this underground impression that paints exclusivity, and makes you feel like you’re apart of something remarkable growing.




Vujaday Music Festival Proclaims their Return to Barbados in April 2019

Vujaday Music Festival gathers electronic music fans and world travelers in the Caribbean Islands for its second year music event. The Barbados based music festival intends to take guests on a ‘remarkable journey’ and experience that is “nothing like you have ever seen or felt before.” The second annual music gathering will be held on April 3 – 7, 2019 and take place at multiple locations throughout the city.

Vujaday Music Festival Entices Attendees to Explore the Land and Introduce them to the Barbados Culture.

Vujaday Music Festival 2018 Official Recap from Vujaday Music Festival on Vimeo.

Vujaday unveils their official aftermovie following the announcement of their second festival. The video showcases the many activities and venues that inhabit across the island, providing an unforgettable experience of the Caribbean culture. One main attraction from the previous year included the 1735 Bellevue Plantation that featured polo fields, a pool, and rich gardens that surrounded the 100-acre property. Many other venues were placed directly on the beach where guests could view a stunning sunrise across the coast of Barbados.

An Unforgettable Journey.

mikey lion
Mikey Lion and Russel Ward in Barbados. Photo Credit via Facebook.

Vujaday debuted its festive event gathering in April 2018 and delivered world-class house and techno producers for its first year. Stages were graced by Dirtybird beatmaster Justin Martin, techno craftsman Green Velvet, Desert Hearts prince Mikey Lion, Lee Burridge, Francesca Lombardo and many more. The organizers of Vujaday comprise of prominent Toronto curators in the electronic event scene such as Digital Dreams Music Festival, Electric Island, World Electronic Music Festival, All Day I Dream, Footwork Nightclub, Coda, The Hoxton, The Velvet Underground, and Further Future (USA).

Follow Vujaday Music Festival:

Top-Notch Vegan Restaurants in Los Angeles

I’ve been living the vegetarian lifestyle for a little over two years now. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not an easy thing to do. Every single time I have a conversation with someone who isn’t, the response is usually a disgusted face with an expression of how everything tastes like cardboard. Thankfully, living in Los Angeles, having vegan/vegetarian restaurant options is feasible. If you indeed have the same dietary lifestyle, traveling to or live in LA and wish to explore the options available to you, then read on.

Check out my favorite vegan restaurants in Los Angeles.

I’ve celebrated my birthday and my friends’ here at this Vietnamese plant-based restaurant. Located in Downtown Los Angeles, the modern look restaurant has a great selection of food with amazing taste. I’ve taken friends who do eat meat and have tasted their foods’ titled as chicken or fish and they’ve loved it. The chef knows how to spice it up or mix the ingredients very well to leave you satisfied at the end. This is a great date night or a special dinner spot.

Image may contain: food
Photo by Au Lac via Facebook

This restaurant takes gratitude and food to another level. Located at various places from Beverly Hills, Downtown Los Angeles to San Diego, Cafe Gratitude creates an ambiance that supports health for the community and planet. Their menu consists of the finest organic foods from local farmers, environmentally friendly, and sustainable agriculture. One neat thing they have the tendency of doing is having the caption on top of the menu which says, “I am…” and the menu options list phrases like “Lucky,” “Fortunate,” “Gracious,” and much more. The waiters/waitresses encourage the guests’ to order by starting off by saying I am… then indicating their dish name. Their menu offers from Italian, Mexican, Mediterranean, and many more. Without a doubt, there is an option to satisfy anyone’s taste buds.

You don’t have to worry about giving up Mexican food with this restaurant. Located in West Hollywood, Gracias Madre serves some of the best vegan Mexican Food like pozole, flautas, and tacos. It has a chic style with a very large drink menu that it’s really popular for. Don’t hesitate to also take advantage of their outside seating with a touch of nature and beautiful lighting.

Image may contain: table and indoor

Photo by Gracias Madre via Facebook

This 100% vegetarian restaurant is a gem in Venice. The design itself will lure you in. The menu carries all vegetarian food and without a hassle can adjust dishes to your dietary restrictions (gluten-free or vegan). The Butcher’s Daughter has a design of like if it was an old butcher shop with elements of feminine touches. On some weekends, while you’re enjoying your lunch or dinner, there is a live DJ playing tunes making the ambiance superior.

Review of The Butcher’s Daughter:

“I have had this restaurant on my list of must try for the longest and I am so glad I finally made my way there. I had the avocado eggs benedict and I have absolutely nothing bad to say about it. It was the BEST type of eggs benedict that I have ever had and I could eat this dish every single morning for breakfast and not get sick of it. The reason for my 4 stars though is because I wish the home fries were cooked a bit more, it definitely could have used a bit more flavor. My boyfriend was kind of on a juice fast so he didn’t eat but he ordered some kind of honey drink, which he was hoping to be freshly made but I don’t think it was and it was way too sweet. I would definitely come again to eat the same thing over again and hopefully this time, I would know to ask for the home fries to be cooked a bit more.”- Lilly F hailing from Brooklyn, NY.

This organic, plant-based and sustainable food is the place where you can bring your family and date to devour on its deliciousness. Sage is available at three locations which include Echo Park, Pasadena, and Culver City. The variety offered in the menu includes soy free, gluten free, and nut free options for breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner, and even dessert. Sage is an ideal location for a brunch and mimosas on Sunday’s with $20 bottomless mimosas. Ninety percent of their food is delivered from local farmers to deliver dishes that are healthy for the heart and yummy to the tummies.

Image may contain: food
Photo by Sage via Facebook
Image may contain: dessert and food
Photo by Sage via Facebook
  • Founded by the electronic musician and animal activist Moby, Little Pine is this cute restaurant in Silver Lake. Here you will have a chance to still enjoy Italian infused items with a beautiful earthy theme. Little Pine is also another great place to have dates or as Moby encourages to bring your folks in for a delicious meal that is healthy for the entire family. The restaurant space is not too big so reservations are highly suggested since it’s usually busy due to its beautiful interior design and food.

Things To Do In The City Of Angels

I have been living in LA for nearly four years now and every day I can still find something new to do. This City of Angels is notably one of the most popular cities to visit and live in and there’s a reason why. The amount of things to do in Los Angeles is beyond insane almost. There will never be something you can’t find to do in this busy city. Thus, it could get a bit pricey. If you are living or even visiting in Los Angeles and are looking for hidden gems or free things to do, read on.

Ease your wallet spending by doing some of my favorite things to do in Los Angeles.

Yoga is a common activity in Los Angeles. There are many classes every single day but not all of them are free. There are many donation-based but will still suggest a minimum. I would suggest coming to visit the yoga class held in front of Echo Park Lake. An instructor is a young man who gives the class for free or donation based which means literally from $1 to $1 mil. It’s held every Saturday & Sunday at 10:00 AM. If you are looking to meet other fellow yogis, come on the last Sunday of each month for Sunday Social. It’s a potluck right after class with other yogis’ and here you have a chance to mingle and make a new friend.

IMG_6653 (1)-1
Photo by Nervo TV

Every second Thursday of each month, there is a gallery art walk held in the middle of DTLA starting on Spring and Sixth. Many local artists come out and sell their handmade artwork on the street and many art galleries open up for free public viewing. The starting point is at the Art Lounge where you would collect your map directing you where to go. You are welcome to come hungry and thirsty since food trucks are set up specifically for this. Come with dancing hips too because local musical artists like DJs will play music loud enough for the block while a drum circle is being held on the other end. It really is an adventure and beautiful to see a lot of creativity in several blocks of Downtown.

Hikes are amongst another favorite hobby for many in Los Angeles. Runyon Canyon in Hollywood is a hike always in the spotlight. However, get away from the crowds and enjoy literal nature at Eaton Canyon in Pasadena. This hike is not at all very difficult but actually very fun. You will stumble upon rocks and a creek as your pathway between huge rock hills. It almost feels like you’re in the wilderness in between canyons. It gets really crowded on the weekends towards the waterfall thus, it’s still a beautiful and wonderful time to enjoy. Once you are at the end of the hike, you will find a waterfall where you will be able to jump in to refresh yourself from the walk.

IMG_6653 (1)-1.jpg
Photo by Eaton Canyon Trail Falls

Spend your Sunday Funday by renting a bike close to the pier in Santa Monica. Start at the bike lane from there and ride your bike all the way down to Venice. Prices for bike rentals are very cheap for one-four hours. This will allow enough time to explore on a bike along the ocean. You will notice all kinds of characters, artists, and performers during your biking. The Venice boardwalk has artsy stores and restaurants you can stop by to devour delicious foods and drinks. There is a sectioned off area where many locals come to rollerblade and dance for everyone. Sometimes there are even musical shows happening at the same time which is set up on a small stage. There are a limitless amount of things to see while biking.

Every first Friday of the Month, Abbot Kinney is turned into a walking maze to check out art and do some shopping. Located in the heart of Venice, many merchants and vendors unite to showcase the best artists, products, and music. Food trucks are aligned up for the hungry. It’s a very popular thing to do in Venice, so leave the car behind and Uber/Lyft it because sure enough you won’t find parking or want to deal with driving through the crowds.

Photo by Venice Website
Photo by Venice Website
Photo by Venice Website
  • Lay Out Next To Rooftop Pools in DTLA

Los Angeles is known to have the best weather in the USA. Which means the chances to lay out by the pool any time of the year is high. There are rooftop pools located in DTLA at the Freehand Hotel (my favorite) and the Ace Hotel. All pools are free to layout by, however, sometimes if it’s crowded they will ask for non-hotel guests to give up their seats. The Freehand Hotel pool is much larger than The Ace Hotel and has a very tropical vibe to it with the LA Skyline behind it. The Ace hotel is also available to lay out on the rooftop. The only downside is the size of the pool if that matters’ to you.

  • Visit the Griffith Observatory in Hollywood

Get a chance to take advantage of viewing Los Angeles from afar while star gazing. The Griffith Observatory allows you to look through telescopes into the night, adventure off to the exhibits inside, and much more. It gets really packed on the weekends, so be sure to come prepared for limited parking. I suggest going during the week to avoid the hassle of parking or Uber/Lyft your way there. There are even surrounding hikes you can take to get there or just around the observatory for a workout. Visiting this magical cosmo of a place is free minus parking.

  • Visit Free Museums Scattered In LA

There are museums like the Hammer Museum, The Broad, and The Getty Center that is free all year round. You will have a chance to explore exhibits of all kinds and sometimes partake in exclusive special events/shows.

The Getty Museum via Facebook

These listed are only some of the favorite things I like to personally do in LA. Note, there are tons and hundreds of more things you are able to do. Many of the events I have attended to were found through Eventbrite. This is a huge suggestion for anyone looking for something to do any time or day of the week. You can also check out Airbnb Experiences section where you will find more that are lead by local LA residents. If that’s not enough, read here about the additional things to do in LA that eases your wallet spending.

Splash House Announces Their Hottest Lineup For August Weekend

Palm Springs’ massive hotel party Splash House returns this summer with one of the best lineups yet. The semi-annual festival has seen upcoming acts in its earlier years such as Odesza, Justin Martin, Hayden James, Chet Porter, and more.

Splash House has earned itself an award of excellence in artists selection. 


For their sixth year, Splash House brings an enticing house and future bass lineup that includes renowned house group Gorgon City, Dirtybird’s deep house experts Walker & Royce, future bass prodigy Droeloe, soulful house master Gryffin, vocal house creator MK, and many more!

The multi-venue festival will continue to take over the poolside at three hotel resorts. The Renaissance hotel is known to host acts with the biggest following, where we could possibly see Gorgon City perform. Rivera will focus more on future bass acts, and the Saguaro hotel will present the tech-house artists.

The best part about Splash House’s GA tickets is that it includes admission to all three resorts and free shuttles that run between all venues the entire weekend. As the evening approaches, Palm Springs Air Museum will host their ritual after-party featuring The Black Madonna, FISHER, and Mija.


Known for providing the electronic industry’s arising talent, quality production, and a flawless setup – Splash House is one pool party you don’t want to miss.

Photo Credits> Splash House Facebook

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Oneohtrix Point Never Performs Myraid Along With The “Age Of” Album

Hailing from Wayland Massachusetts Daniel Lopatin, better known as Oneohtrix Point Never (OPN), celebrated 19 years of creating music and released his eighth full-length studio album, Age Of on June 1. The new project is seemingly the most different from any previous works by Lopatin.

Age of unveils a unique, experimental fusion that unravels various genres and musical eras that are cohesively blended into one otherworldly composition.

Photo Credit: Todd Owyoung

This body of work showcases strains of Renaissance, electronica, melodic pop, folk, and glitch music. OPN settles us into a new world of the digital age. The 13-song collection is supported by OPN’s Myriad performance, which unravels a deeper meaning to Age Of. Stream here

A week prior to Lopatin’s album release, Oneohtrix Point Never debuted his live MYRIAD performance at Redbull Music Festival at Park Avenue Armory in New York City. He was supported by a full ensemble, visual performers, and abstract art installations.

Photo Credit: Todd Owyoung
Photo Credit: Todd Owyoung
Photo Credit: Todd Owyoung
Photo Credit: Todd Owyoung

The entire performance was demonstrated in four parts as an ‘epochal song cycle’ and drew inspiration from Gargantua and Pantagruel, a novel by François Rabelais.

In an interview with Vivian Host on the podcast Couch Wisdom, Lopatin states:

“Rabelais is pointing out that during a very intense period of time, where you have…superstructures of power and order, you have a book that basically is really putting the focus on what he called “the laughter in the marketplace,” like people just telling fart jokes and being crazy and hanging out and whispering secrets to each other. And that is, to me, the Internet.”

Lopatin touches on how the Internet curates content for the user and displays trending topics, viral videos, and articles that are absurd for growing human’s intelligence. He relates this scenario inversely to Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey where an advantage species evolves and becomes super intelligent. However, in this case, the species does the opposite. In the four chapters of the performance, you will see human’s unintelligence cycle through periods of time.

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