About Me

Janet’s World is curated and managed by Janet Jaimes. A small town girl who chased her big city dreams in 2014.

Right before she dived into her creative and city dreams, she was stuck in between walls of a cubicle in the finance world. After pain and suffering of deciding whether to take the leap or not, she finally quit and chased her passion.

Hailing to Los Angeles, staying in a hostel for two and a half weeks without knowing a soul in the city, she thrived and conquered. Janet began her creative career as a music photographer, sooner than later launched her own website featuring photography and experiences at festivals.

Suddenly, she returned to the east coast in late 2015 and shut down her site momentarily. Once she escaped again back to the big city of LA, after a two and half week cross-country road trip, she relaunched her site.

She is now a music journalist on Janet’s World Blog including two music websites: ThatDrop & EDM.com. On top of that, she continues to write about life experiences focused more on travel.

Janet at Red Rocks in Colorado During Her Road Trip

Nailing the writing path, she’s become a promoter of two major electronic dance venues in LA. She is passionate about the music industry and enjoys being the point of contact for tickets, guest list, bottle service, and many other inquiries that comes with the job.

Janet does a lot. But there isn’t a moment in time that she regrets doing it all. She takes pride in her work, and at the end of the day, she only has one goal in mind.

If it’s through writing sharing travel experiences and music features, being the go-to person for music interest in electronic dance, or as someone to help you promote your events/brand, Janet guarantees an outcome you wouldn’t be dissatisfied with.

In whatever way it unfolds, she only wishes to help and inspire those who appear before her.

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