Monthly Artist Feature: Odesza

Since starting off in college, the breakthrough duo Harrison Mills and Clayton Knight or well known as Odesza best decision were to join forces and build a music empire together. You would have to go hundreds of miles and dig deep under the rocks to find someone who doesn’t recognize the name Odesza.

Due to their prolific approach to live production, they remain at a constant pinpoint.


Odesza via Facebook

Odesza’s music is characterized as cinematic instrumental electronic music continuing to remain unmatched. Their music is nostalgically euphoric while also balancing heavy percussion kicks as their drum line tend to spark the birth of an earthquake.

They began to buzz in the underground electronic scene once their first debut album was released called Summer’s Gone in 2012. Two years later, their In Return album followed and charted on the top of Billboard’s Dance/Electronic charts. The same album consisted of the breakthrough single ‘Say My Name‘ which later was remixed by RAC and achieved a Grammy Nomination in 2016. The duo remained quiet for what seemed like years but quickly grasped their fans attention with the debut of a third album, A Moment Apart. It was released right before embarking on multiple sold-out shows in a national tour while their album was charting at #3 on the Billboard 200.

There isn’t question as to why we decided to choose Odesza has the Monthly Artist Feature. On top of having fearless ways to develop heartfelt music, their presence when performing leaves imprints to the eyes. From fireworks to galactic space-time travel visuals, Odesza in totality with music and production has proved that they will be remembered for centuries to come.

After Odesza embarking on successful sold-tours last year, they come through to announce a new festival hosted by Foreign Family and themselves. Click here for more information.

Listen to ‘A Moment Apart’ Full Album by Odesza:


Follow Odesza:


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