Top-Notch Vegan Restaurants in Los Angeles

I’ve been living the vegetarian lifestyle for a little over two years now. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not an easy thing to do. Every single time I have a conversation with someone who isn’t, the response is usually a disgusted face with an expression of how everything tastes like cardboard. Thankfully, living in Los Angeles, having vegan/vegetarian restaurant options is feasible. If you indeed have the same dietary lifestyle, traveling to or live in LA and wish to explore the options available to you, then read on.

Check out my favorite vegan restaurants in Los Angeles.

I’ve celebrated my birthday and my friends’ here at this Vietnamese plant-based restaurant. Located in Downtown Los Angeles, the modern look restaurant has a great selection of food with amazing taste. I’ve taken friends who do eat meat and have tasted their foods’ titled as chicken or fish and they’ve loved it. The chef knows how to spice it up or mix the ingredients very well to leave you satisfied at the end. This is a great date night or a special dinner spot.

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Photo by Au Lac via Facebook

This restaurant takes gratitude and food to another level. Located at various places from Beverly Hills, Downtown Los Angeles to San Diego, Cafe Gratitude creates an ambiance that supports health for the community and planet. Their menu consists of the finest organic foods from local farmers, environmentally friendly, and sustainable agriculture. One neat thing they have the tendency of doing is having the caption on top of the menu which says, “I am…” and the menu options list phrases like “Lucky,” “Fortunate,” “Gracious,” and much more. The waiters/waitresses encourage the guests’ to order by starting off by saying I am… then indicating their dish name. Their menu offers from Italian, Mexican, Mediterranean, and many more. Without a doubt, there is an option to satisfy anyone’s taste buds.

You don’t have to worry about giving up Mexican food with this restaurant. Located in West Hollywood, Gracias Madre serves some of the best vegan Mexican Food like pozole, flautas, and tacos. It has a chic style with a very large drink menu that it’s really popular for. Don’t hesitate to also take advantage of their outside seating with a touch of nature and beautiful lighting.

Image may contain: table and indoor

Photo by Gracias Madre via Facebook

This 100% vegetarian restaurant is a gem in Venice. The design itself will lure you in. The menu carries all vegetarian food and without a hassle can adjust dishes to your dietary restrictions (gluten-free or vegan). The Butcher’s Daughter has a design of like if it was an old butcher shop with elements of feminine touches. On some weekends, while you’re enjoying your lunch or dinner, there is a live DJ playing tunes making the ambiance superior.

Review of The Butcher’s Daughter:

“I have had this restaurant on my list of must try for the longest and I am so glad I finally made my way there. I had the avocado eggs benedict and I have absolutely nothing bad to say about it. It was the BEST type of eggs benedict that I have ever had and I could eat this dish every single morning for breakfast and not get sick of it. The reason for my 4 stars though is because I wish the home fries were cooked a bit more, it definitely could have used a bit more flavor. My boyfriend was kind of on a juice fast so he didn’t eat but he ordered some kind of honey drink, which he was hoping to be freshly made but I don’t think it was and it was way too sweet. I would definitely come again to eat the same thing over again and hopefully this time, I would know to ask for the home fries to be cooked a bit more.”- Lilly F hailing from Brooklyn, NY.

This organic, plant-based and sustainable food is the place where you can bring your family and date to devour on its deliciousness. Sage is available at three locations which include Echo Park, Pasadena, and Culver City. The variety offered in the menu includes soy free, gluten free, and nut free options for breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner, and even dessert. Sage is an ideal location for a brunch and mimosas on Sunday’s with $20 bottomless mimosas. Ninety percent of their food is delivered from local farmers to deliver dishes that are healthy for the heart and yummy to the tummies.

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Photo by Sage via Facebook
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Photo by Sage via Facebook
  • Founded by the electronic musician and animal activist Moby, Little Pine is this cute restaurant in Silver Lake. Here you will have a chance to still enjoy Italian infused items with a beautiful earthy theme. Little Pine is also another great place to have dates or as Moby encourages to bring your folks in for a delicious meal that is healthy for the entire family. The restaurant space is not too big so reservations are highly suggested since it’s usually busy due to its beautiful interior design and food.

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