Things To Do In The City Of Angels

I have been living in LA for nearly four years now and every day I can still find something new to do. This City of Angels is notably one of the most popular cities to visit and live in and there’s a reason why. The amount of things to do in Los Angeles is beyond insane almost. There will never be something you can’t find to do in this busy city. Thus, it could get a bit pricey. If you are living or even visiting in Los Angeles and are looking for hidden gems or free things to do, read on.

Ease your wallet spending by doing some of my favorite things to do in Los Angeles.

Yoga is a common activity in Los Angeles. There are many classes every single day but not all of them are free. There are many donation-based but will still suggest a minimum. I would suggest coming to visit the yoga class held in front of Echo Park Lake. An instructor is a young man who gives the class for free or donation based which means literally from $1 to $1 mil. It’s held every Saturday & Sunday at 10:00 AM. If you are looking to meet other fellow yogis, come on the last Sunday of each month for Sunday Social. It’s a potluck right after class with other yogis’ and here you have a chance to mingle and make a new friend.

IMG_6653 (1)-1
Photo by Nervo TV

Every second Thursday of each month, there is a gallery art walk held in the middle of DTLA starting on Spring and Sixth. Many local artists come out and sell their handmade artwork on the street and many art galleries open up for free public viewing. The starting point is at the Art Lounge where you would collect your map directing you where to go. You are welcome to come hungry and thirsty since food trucks are set up specifically for this. Come with dancing hips too because local musical artists like DJs will play music loud enough for the block while a drum circle is being held on the other end. It really is an adventure and beautiful to see a lot of creativity in several blocks of Downtown.

Hikes are amongst another favorite hobby for many in Los Angeles. Runyon Canyon in Hollywood is a hike always in the spotlight. However, get away from the crowds and enjoy literal nature at Eaton Canyon in Pasadena. This hike is not at all very difficult but actually very fun. You will stumble upon rocks and a creek as your pathway between huge rock hills. It almost feels like you’re in the wilderness in between canyons. It gets really crowded on the weekends towards the waterfall thus, it’s still a beautiful and wonderful time to enjoy. Once you are at the end of the hike, you will find a waterfall where you will be able to jump in to refresh yourself from the walk.

IMG_6653 (1)-1.jpg
Photo by Eaton Canyon Trail Falls

Spend your Sunday Funday by renting a bike close to the pier in Santa Monica. Start at the bike lane from there and ride your bike all the way down to Venice. Prices for bike rentals are very cheap for one-four hours. This will allow enough time to explore on a bike along the ocean. You will notice all kinds of characters, artists, and performers during your biking. The Venice boardwalk has artsy stores and restaurants you can stop by to devour delicious foods and drinks. There is a sectioned off area where many locals come to rollerblade and dance for everyone. Sometimes there are even musical shows happening at the same time which is set up on a small stage. There are a limitless amount of things to see while biking.

Every first Friday of the Month, Abbot Kinney is turned into a walking maze to check out art and do some shopping. Located in the heart of Venice, many merchants and vendors unite to showcase the best artists, products, and music. Food trucks are aligned up for the hungry. It’s a very popular thing to do in Venice, so leave the car behind and Uber/Lyft it because sure enough you won’t find parking or want to deal with driving through the crowds.

Photo by Venice Website
Photo by Venice Website
Photo by Venice Website
  • Lay Out Next To Rooftop Pools in DTLA

Los Angeles is known to have the best weather in the USA. Which means the chances to lay out by the pool any time of the year is high. There are rooftop pools located in DTLA at the Freehand Hotel (my favorite) and the Ace Hotel. All pools are free to layout by, however, sometimes if it’s crowded they will ask for non-hotel guests to give up their seats. The Freehand Hotel pool is much larger than The Ace Hotel and has a very tropical vibe to it with the LA Skyline behind it. The Ace hotel is also available to lay out on the rooftop. The only downside is the size of the pool if that matters’ to you.

  • Visit the Griffith Observatory in Hollywood

Get a chance to take advantage of viewing Los Angeles from afar while star gazing. The Griffith Observatory allows you to look through telescopes into the night, adventure off to the exhibits inside, and much more. It gets really packed on the weekends, so be sure to come prepared for limited parking. I suggest going during the week to avoid the hassle of parking or Uber/Lyft your way there. There are even surrounding hikes you can take to get there or just around the observatory for a workout. Visiting this magical cosmo of a place is free minus parking.

  • Visit Free Museums Scattered In LA

There are museums like the Hammer Museum, The Broad, and The Getty Center that is free all year round. You will have a chance to explore exhibits of all kinds and sometimes partake in exclusive special events/shows.

The Getty Museum via Facebook

These listed are only some of the favorite things I like to personally do in LA. Note, there are tons and hundreds of more things you are able to do. Many of the events I have attended to were found through Eventbrite. This is a huge suggestion for anyone looking for something to do any time or day of the week. You can also check out Airbnb Experiences section where you will find more that are lead by local LA residents. If that’s not enough, read here about the additional things to do in LA that eases your wallet spending.


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