Okeechobee Music and Arts Festival Proved It’s A Staple Annual Event

The third annual Okeechobee Music and Arts Festival (OMF) was an invigorating success! OMF attracted attendees from across the country offering bountiful options of musical artists, entertainment, and activities for all different types of festival goers to explore. Located in Okeechobee, Florida, the four-day event offered music, art, camping, yoga, food, wellness, and workshops. 

Featuring various genres like electronic, soul and pop, OMF proved it’s here to stay as an annual event.

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Photo by Eric Allen via Facebook

The 2018 edition included three main stages: Be, Here, and Now which held performances by Travis Scott, Halsey, Arcade Fire, Khalid, STS9, two sets by Bassnectar, and plenty more. The bass god Bassnectar kicked off festivities Thursday night with an intimate moonlight set without a stage, lights or video allowed. He resumed on Friday playing on the Be stage opening up with a heavy and bass-filled set. It consisted of a mashup of Basshead and My Name Is by Eminem.

The Be stage held OMF’s annual special PoWoW! which is a collaboration bringing together renowned artists for an ultimate live jam session.  Leading it this year included performances by The Roots and Snoop Dogg. Chaka Khan brightened the stage with her funktastic performance afterward. The session also featured Big Gigantic’s saxophonist Dominic Lalli, New Orleans multi-instrumentalist Trombone Shorty and jazz artist Cory Henry

Watch The PoWow! Set Below:

The Now stage included energetic sets by favored acts like Grammatik, Zed’s Dead, and Tipper.

Surrounding the main stages included additional platforms like The Aquachobee Beach and Incendia featuring varied electronic music for underground fans. Liquid Stranger closed out on the Aquachobee Beach with a drippy and hypnotizing set.

In addition to the musical performances, the festival had its own ChobeeWobee Village offering an enlightening neighborhood filled with inspiring workshops, homemade goods & crafts, and a psychedelic tea forest. Beginning at each day at after dawn, OMF’s Yogachobee hosted four movement classes. It included all levels of yoga practices and dance improv allowing attendees to stretch out their tiresome bodies from dancing all night long. 

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Okeechobee Music Festival via Facebook

Mind-blowing art installations encircled the 600-acre land to create an enchanting landscape.

Installation artist Shrine returned to this year’s Okeechobee with the Flying Mountain shacks curated by a recycled garbage temple and musical venue hosting dance gatherings throughout each day. 

Uncle Charlie’s Red Hot Cock was an interactive flame throwing art piece created by Charlie Blackcat Smith. Artists from the non-profit Saftey Harbor Art and Music Center brought their LED wired Love Sculpture lighting up an affectionate energy to the area.


Attracting over 40,000 attendees, Okeechobee is the largest growing independent festival in the Southeast. From the inspiring & creative culture to the positive energy throughout the crowd and to the unforgettable & stacked line-up; Okeechobee Music and Arts Festival made an impactful impression. There’s no question that the festival will be back for its fourth edition next year!

Author by contributing writer Francesca Spinosi

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