Travel To These 8 Places For Less Than $50 A Day

Since I embarked on a new journey with traveling, I discovered many countries in the world that are incredibly affordable to travel to for very cheap. I am talking about less than $50 USD a day for a daily budget. Society throws out the idea that traveling is super expensive. Hmm..not so true. Don’t allow this mentality to be the reason why you don’t go and discover more about our beautiful planet earth. For this reason, I decided to conduct my own research to share with you all if you feel tempted to travel some place that is feasible.

These Are The Top 8 Places To Travel To For Under $50 As A Daily Budget.


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Costa Rica

This beautiful place has two ravishing coastlines that are beyond worth exploring. Their hikes are usually free and the waterfall visits cost you less than $10 dollars. If you are looking for affordable accommodation, the best recommendation I always give is Couchsurfing or hostels that start at only $10 per night while some hotel rooms start at $30 dollars. However, it’s really up to you on how extravagant you want your trip to be. Typical daily budget in Costa Rica varies from $30-$50 each day.


My heritage’s homeland is known for mindblowing tropical jungles, waterfalls, canyons, and historic 2,500-year-old ruins. You are able to find most of these in the South of Mexico in Oaxaca and Chiapas. There are traveler friendly locations like Palenque and San Cristobal where you can find single rooms at a hostel starting at $12 a night. When it’s this cheap, sometimes it doesn’t hurt to check out Airbnb for even more affordable rooms to rent. Serve yourself some of the most authentic Mexican foods like tacos or tostadas that start around $1 each. Daily budget in Mexico when avoiding the most tourist stops like Cancun begin at $30.


Dominican Republic

Forget about the luxurious resorts. Head on over to a hostel like Macao Beach Hostel that offers accommodation starting at only $10 a night. This hostel is centrally located only minutes away from Macao Beach and next to a small town for all your essentials. There are savory street foods that will fulfill all your taste buds and also get a hint of the cultural food style. Daily budget is up to $50 dollars per day.


I will be visiting Thailand soon so I would be able to provide first-hand experience. However, for this article, I had to do some research on the country. There isn’t a question if this place is cheap or not. A full meal itself will cost you less than $3. Hotels and hostels start as little as $5 each night. There are breathtaking beaches completely for free that will be perfect to watch the colorful sunsets. Don’t forget about outdoor experiences like hikes with stunning views of the country. All of this leads to a daily budget of $25 per day.



I have already written an article that talks about the budget for India. You can read more about it here along with tips to make your travel planning smooth. Thus, India is known for the beautiful spiritual temples in cities and villages, natures finest with wildlife in the Himalayas, and the stunning beaches of Goa. Mostly all the temples are able to visit for free including embarking on some hikes in Kasol without a charge. Transportation and accommodation begin at $10 dollars and up. Daily budget for trips to India is as low as $15 dollars per day.


Belize is a divine location to go to for a romantic getaway. There are various of four-star hotels and hostels that include extras like rentals on bikes and tours of the beautiful city. Hostels begin at $20 each night and a high-end restaurant for two can total up to $30 dollars. Belize is the home to some jungles where you could also visit if you want to spend a little more. This place can be expensive if you make it be. However, you are definitely able to visit Belize with a daily budget of $50 dollars.



Besides the friendliest people you would encounter with, Vietnam is known to be one of the most stand-out locations for budget-friendly destinations. You will be able to land accommodations as low as $9 dollars per night. Some of these are ocean front views or centrally located in the cities. There are plenty of tour guides that will guide you into the markets and stores with scooters or footpaths. Vietnam also offers exquisite landscapes where you could embark on hikes. Daily budget rounds up to $20 each day.


Indonesia has a bundle of limitless places to explore. From temples to landscapes and beaches like Bali, the affordability makes it so much harder not to do it all. Hostels start as low as $10 a night and street food in pennies. Indonesia has so much to offer to make your trip pleasant and at affordable rates. You can lay out on the beaches or get in touch with your spiritual side visiting historic temples all completely free. Daily budget is $35 per day.


All of these places listed are posted with the idea that you as a traveler will be reasonable and avoid extravagant resorts. There are many that have this mentality that you must have superior service or resorts to really get a good experience. That’s not so true. One tip I provide when researching these places is really looking into hostels and Couchsurfing. Always read the reviews of these locations or people to avoid a bad experience. Be patient with your research. I guarantee that once you find how cheap a lot of things are while traveling, you will enjoy it more than you could ever imagine. Happy traveling!


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