Tune Into The Emotional Mix #50 With A Free Download

Are you looking for a track or mix to set the mood right where you’re all up in your feels? Allow me to introduce you to EMOTIONAL. This popular Soundcloud page has a variety of mixes that will make you feel all kinds of emotions.

EMOTIONAL has been up for four years with 50 episodes and over 15 million plays around the globe.

The mixes usually combine deep and minimal house music. Favored artists like Enzo Elia, Kolsch, Sabb and many more have been brought into the mix. Every song selection has a way of making you close your eyes while you sit back and tune in.

Listen to EMOTIONAL #50 below and download for free:
“In these years I received a lot of messages from you showing a touching love for this series, soldiers telling me that EMOTIONAL helped them to keep the mental sanity after going back from the war, people with anxiety or depression that feel better only listening to their favourite episode, or simply people with precious memories related to them.I don’t want to take the merits, this is the power of music and I’m only a humble servant of it, but I’m moved by all these messages and my heart is full of joy reading them because this is the only reason why I started to do the EMOTIONAL, love.” – EMOTIONAL


1) The Blaze – Heaven 
2) Anii – Cyganka (Original Mix)
3) Kolsch – Left Eye Left (Original Mix)
4) Andhim, Hogni – Miles To Go (Original Mix)
5) Hyenah – You Made Me Who I Am (Original Mix)
6) Enzo Elia, Musumeci – Gothic Safari (Original Mix)
7) Andhim, Hogni – Stay Close To Me (Original Mix)
8) Stereocalypse – Blue Dome Escargot (Original Mix)
9) Javier Logares, Kaarel – La Cuarta Galaxia (Tiefschwarz Remix)
10) Kintar, Santiago Garcia – El Camino (Original Mix)
11) Armonica – Ngeke (andhim remix)
12) Sabb – Jeopardized (Original Mix)


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