Not Everything That Happens To You Deserves Your Reaction

Think about that title for a moment. One powerful tool we have is being the pilot of our moods and stress levels. Yet, not many realize that we have this ability.

Our attitude is controlled by our thoughts.

So, when something occurs to us, either negative or positive, it creates a thought process. That process itself then is what curates our mood or attitude.

Give me a chance to give you a case for more straightforward understanding. How about we take an infant in this circumstance we will call him, Jimbo. Jimbo is cheerfully playing with a toy. In any case, the parents choose to take the toy away for reasons unknown. All of the sudden, Jimbo begins whinning and crying. He continues to cry and cause a franticness to the point that his folks choose to give the toy back. When Jimbo gets his toy, he begins grinning and snickering once more.

Jimbo is happy.

At the point when his folks choose to take his toy away in Jimbo’s mind, he is feeling that his folks are taking the one thing that provides him great joy and happiness. His reflections resulted in crying. When his parents choose to restore his toy his thoughts acknowledge he is getting it in return and his happiness comes back. This example applies perfectly to the plot of this article. The only difference is that we aren’t babies.

We are grown adults that have the psychological ability to know how to control what endures our brain.

This powerful ability has the potential of being the solution to your stress, anxiety or mood levels. Envision having the capacity to deal with an intense circumstance so calmly in light of the fact that you are using this tool to react to the situation in a manner that doesn’t affect your attitude negatively.

Obscured situations will always happen to us because that’s part of the human life. There is no way in hell that we could ever escape the reality of things. However, we do have the choice on how we wish to behave afterwards.

From a personal experience, it’s been easier for me to understand the things I have done with my time in the past versus implying it was a ‘waste’. I have had a couple of jobs before where in the beginning, I thought it was something I wanted to do, and something I needed. However, as time came along, one thing after another, it wasn’t working out. So, I quit. Easily I could think of it as a waste of my time and stress about not having a job. Thus, instead, I considered it as something that just helped to better understand what exactly is best for me, and for what I want in a job. It became easier to look for another one because I had clarity on what exactly I was looking for and what I wasn’t. So my attitude towards the job hunting wasn’t stressing; it was exciting.

An exciting moment to know at the end of that path, I was going to land something that brought me more happiness and joy.

So, think about what’s happening to you right now in your life. Either it’s positive or negative. Whatever it is, how are you going to react to it? Even if it means not thinking about it. If someone bumps into you and they decide to react harshly even if you apologized, are you going to fight back? Or will you just keep walking, and just let that moment fade. Because those couple of seconds, I can guarantee you, you won’t remember again in a week, or months from now. So, is it even worth your time, thoughts or emotions on an insignificant moment?

Keywords to take with you after reading this article: realization, understanding, patience, move forward and praise.

When a negative situation develops in front of you:

  • Realize what is happening to you. Acknowledge the situation that is occurring while finding the willpower of not reacting instantly.
  • Understand what is happening. Understand that there could be a reason why it’s happening. You might not know what it is, however, this is when you test your patience.
  • Be patient with it. Be patient with yourself. You might not have the answers right then and there, possibly you might never get it, but it’s okay. You don’t always have to have a reason to help you decide how you want to react.
  • Move forward. Go along with your day. Let that moment past. Keep moving and don’t mourn on it. Don’t allow that situation negatively affect the rest of your day. You either can have the best day that you always deserve, or you could sit there like Jimbo when he got his toy taken away, and whine and cry. You won’t get anywhere.
  • Lastly, praise yourself. Praise yourself towards that you used the tool of your superhuman powers to not allow it affect you.

Once you get the hang of this small practice, watch yourself have better days. You don’t have to be perfect at it initially, it’s not so easy. And, that’s OKAY. Especially when we are so comfortable in letting our minds do whatever it wants and have the power to control your attitude. However, it ends now.

Find that willpower, and go concur the world.


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