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Berlin’s own Steffen Linck also known as a multi-instrumentalist, Monolink is a vocalist, songwriter, and electronic producer. To numerous, that may seem like two altogether different parts of current sound culture – which thus makes Monolink a captivating character, since he’s both moved into one.  His style flawlessly associates the story structure of a melody with the convincing forward push of electronic rhythms.

Guitar harmonies converge into manufactured cushion sounds, trancelike bass vibrations meet enthusiastic vocal parts, energetic physicality meets glorious incitement for the brain.

Monolink via Facebook

Monolink recently shared a second single ‘Swallow’ following his first release ‘Sirens’ that charted at #4 on iTunes Germany. These two are a sneak peak to his forthcoming album, ‘Amniotic.’  ‘Swallow’ is a track that gives you hints similar sounds related to acts like Bonobo, Bob Moses, and Gui Boratto. It’s natural for Monolink to explore the typical scene of live electronic music by weaving in the Berlin’s underground culture. The music is pillared by emotive guitar tones, simple synth cuts and, in particular, his own vocals establishing his multi-talents.

Listen to ‘Sirens’ by Monolink below:

“EPs are popular with most producers and DJs in the electronic music scene. But I come from a band background and albums are unmatchable for me. I’m a huge fan of listening to large bodies of work from start to finish and taking a plunge into the world the artist has created. Pink Floyd’s “Dark Side of the Moon” is an example of an album that still fascinates me to this day.

Generally I wanted “Amniotic” to have a tremendous tangible connection to life and nature, especially the lyrics. When you play gigs all over the world, your life takes place at airports, in cars or hotel rooms. I have noticed more and more often how I enjoy getting away from society, out of the cities and into nature; and that’s very much reflected in this album.” – Monolink

‘Amniotic’ arrives April 20th via Embassy One: daughter of the label that has released gems from the likes of Björk, Moby, Passenger, Royksopp, Booka Shade and more.

Following the record, Monolink will be embarking on his 3-month live trot across the US, Europe, and the UK where he’ll be exhibiting his evolved live performance featuring live guitar, vocals, and his moving productions.

Stream ‘Swallow’ by Monolink here!

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