A New Chapter Into A New World: India

On February 26th of 2018, I took the first step into a new chapter that will unfold itself this spring.

I purchased my airplane ticket to the beautiful country of India. I have always dreamt of traveling since the age I discovered that there was more beyond. However, my idea of traveling at the time was a ‘vacation’ state of mind. Vacation to many is defined as something to escape to when needing a break from our normal daily lives.

The older I got and the more experienced I became as an adult; I soon learned there was more to this world that needed to be experienced versus just visiting a country for vacation. Last year was a time of spiritual growth and getting a small glimpse of what the value of life is.

After deep meditation and conversations with many people that I encountered with, I came to the conclusion that I needed to go to India.

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As someone who practices yoga, India caught more of my attention since it was founded in that country.

I mentioned it to many of my close friends and family of my traveling goals. Some decided to give me their personal opinion on the subject. The feedback wasn’t always great. Some made sure to let me know of the dangers in the country including questioning if it was going to coincide with my career goals.

It’s not the first time I have taken a grand leap into a new place. So this kind of feedback was very familiar. However, just like the first time when I dropped everything from my hometown to move to a big city, I just nodded and smiled. To retrieve such response only added fuel to my anticipation in starting this journey.

Don’t ever discredit yourself if you wish to take a huge leap towards something that is scarier than your worst nightmares.

Don’t allow fear or other people’s opinions towards your actions get in the way. Your decision or choices on things you wish to pursue is between you and only you. The biggest lesson I have learned in the past couple of years is that I live a life that is meant for me and not others. Once you accomplish one of your desires, a seed will be planted within you, and it will bloom beautifully. You will shave off a layer of fear towards future choices and decisions. You never know what will happen tomorrow or the next. So don’t ever allow fear get in the way of letting you live your full potential. Do it, now. 

Are you interested in traveling outside the country? Check out this out!

Faced One Of My Biggest Fears: Skydiving. Check Out The Results Below:


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