Meet The Revolutionary Movement As A Consicous Community: Shakti Fest

For eight years, Shakti Fest has been inspiring and making an impact on people’s lives through spiritual journies. Set aside the religion standards, and doubts’ about yourself because at Shakti Fest, shining the true you is all that is needed.

The love of Yoga and Music gathering will take place in Joshua Tree, California on May 10th-14th of 2018.

Shakti Fest is a part of a nonprofit that supports charities around the world mainly in India called Center for Spiritual Studies. For five days, yoga teachers, workshop leaders, and Kirtan musicians unite to provide a spiritual and transformational experience.

The fest embodies a family tree that stretches out into different branches including meditation, sacred music, and yoga which highlights the Divine Feminine. Since Shakti Fest is drug and alcohol-free gathering, it provides an opportunity to evolve the human consciousness.

Shakti Fest via Facebook
Shakti Fest via Facebook
Shakti Fest via Facebook

Shakti Fest is a revolutionary gathering that strongly believes with unity and a deeper spiritual connection together; a better world is feasible. As one unit, the community touches lives one by one with spirituality, kindness, and generosity.

The frequencies of each being will be synchronized with Mother Nature as attendees have an option to camp underneath the stars.

With a swimming pool readily available and sectioned off area for “Conscious Kids Land,” the environment is suitable for all ages. It’s noted that the heat will be intense, but with their filtered water system for thirst, hydration for the limitless activities will be fulfilled.

Never Heard of Kirtan Music? Take a Listen below.

Shakti Fest might not be internationally known; however, the fest signifies something beyond than what the world could imagine. The movement Shakti generates is a more significant change in the mist of hatred and violence in today’s society. The gathering continues to proves there is still faith in the humanity.


Gather all the details of the fest and purchase your ticket here!



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