Visualize, Believe, and Fly!

Nothing is perfect in life and nor will it ever be. Many times you find yourself in a position where you question the current state you are in. In addition, you could find yourself sitting in your car, stuck in traffic, or even in your cubicle at some large corporation that claims you will succeed even though you have no desire to be there but it pays the bills. You then, tend to daydream about those things that you wish and dream often of.

The list is endless: could be a career you want to have, places where you want to travel to, or simply craving a new direction in life.

This even includes those moments when you repeat over and over again, ‘If I had the money or time, I would go, and do exactly what I’ve always dreamt of or written on my bucket list.’

You doubt yourself many times to go after what you want. And it’s totally freaking understandable. IT IS HARD. Because you live in a society where trying to please others is such a huge norm and so fear develops.

This society that you live in, encourages consistently to get a job that will be liable. Additionally, claims to know the true definition of what you are meant to do in life. The last two statements don’t even incorporate those who surround you, judging the choices you might want to take to move towards accomplishing some goals.


It’s completely normal to get carried away with caring about other people’s opinions. This includes friends, strangers, co-workers and even sadly, family. Yes, you love your friends, you love your family and you want to make others happy. But in the course of trying to survive every day, in the course of managing to get your hard working self up, go to school or go to work, you get mentally exhausted with the routine, and it gets emotionally draining.

Thus, you don’t realize this drain.

That’s because you could be stuck in an autopilot mode weekly doing the same thing over and over again. But once you decide one day to say to yourself: ‘You know what, it’s time to have COMPASSION for myself. It’s time to consider my FEELINGS.’

Yes, it’s scary. It’s scary to consider leaving all what you currently have to go chase that one goal, chase that one dream, chase YOUR passion.  On top of not knowing if it will even work out.

But, that’s the point.

Because the moment you take a chance to do what you want to do, if you truly, I mean truly BELIEVE that you can do it, I guarantee it to you, you will make it and get there. It’s so crucial to BELIEVE in YOURSELF.

In the process of chasing, and visualizing what you want, things will happen. Situations and people will come into your life that will lead you closer to it.

That’s not because you got ‘lucky,’ no. That’s because you took a chance, and started believing that you can do it. You are attracting it. YOU are making it work. You then will have a small taste of what it feels like to see things working out.

Watching everything unfold in front of you will make it easier to continue to strive towards that goal.

Anything is possible, my friends.

But at the end of the day, it’s your decision, it’s your choice to finally break away from the unwanted things in your life, and spread your wings and fly to your dream life.

{( JW’s personal journal entry: 12/07/17)}

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